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Car Rental: The Smart Way to Do It


We’ve done our research and found car rental tips from experts that will help you save money on your next road trip. Read on to know more. 


 Don’t prepay for a rental car. The rental rates fluctuate all the time. They can even change every day. So all you should do is reserve one so you can change or cancel it before you get to the counter. Keep checking your reservation, and in case the price drops, just cancel and make a new one. Unless, of course, you’re offered amazing discounts with the option of a full refund.


 Don’t prepay for gas either. Because even if their per-unit rate is cheaper, you’ll be paying for a full tank, whether you use it or not. And companies usually tack on high fees and taxes. Also, fill up within 10 miles of the drop-off location and show the agent your receipt to avoid paying a refueling fee.


Rentals at the airport are usually much more expensive than those located off-site. This is because airports add extra fees and taxes. Sometimes you can save $20 or $30 per day by renting off-site. Of course, it has to be worth the hassle.

Skip the counter

If you rent regularly, enroll in a company’s loyalty program. You’ll earn points for future trips and will be able to skip the link and go straight to the lot.


 Try something new. Check rental car agencies that offer you, say, an Audi for the same amount you would pay for a non-luxury car. 


 Don’t book through an agency’s website. Check out discount travel sites for better deals. They even honor frequent driver programs. A Costco membership can also help you save on auto rentals.


Don’t get the GPS or any other add-ons. They’re too expensive. And they’re usually bad and outdated. Instead, use Google Maps. If you’re traveling with kids, bring along your own car seat and stroller. These days you can get an all-in-one.

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