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Luxury brands don’t get to take it easy. We expect them to deliver much more than mainstream car brands. And these are the brands that have managed to live up to our expectations.

Land Rover

Land Rover SUVs are known for their superb off-road capabilities and refined luxury. Reliability is, however, an issue.


Infiniti offers a range of sporty sedans, coupes, and SUVs. This brand is known for its technology and performance but not for its reliability.


Most Acura cars are value leaders in their segments. Its wide range sits at the lower end of the luxury car segment and offers top-notch interiors.


This authentic American luxury brand has four SUVs and crossovers and two luxurious, sporty sedans. Of these, the midsize XT5 SUV is the bestseller.


Lexus is known for cars with excellent predicted reliability ratings, world-class quality, and luxurious cabins. The brand offers opulent sedans, a high-end sports car, and a range of SUVs and crossovers.


Volvo is known for building very safe cars. It has added minimalistic and luxurious interiors and sophisticated powertrains to its lineup.


Lincoln is known to offer passengers opulence, comfort, and space. They have good safety scores, above-average reliability ratings, and powerful engine options.


Jaguar is known for its exciting sports cars, powerful and luxurious sedans, and now, a sporty SUV and an electric crossover. All Jaguar owners love the brand and the performance it offers.


BMW is known for its lineup of luxury sedans, crossovers, and convertibles. It is also known to set performance benchmarks that other manufacturers try and match.


No luxury list is complete with this Mercedes-Benz. This brand is reaching new levels of performance, technology, price, and luxury. Its entire range is very desirable.


Every Audi model excels in every test that’s thrown at it. It features cutting-edge tech, comfort, and powerful engines. Reliability could be better.


All Tesla’s are pure EVs and offer stunning acceleration performance. The interiors are unique and luxurious. And the cars are a pleasure to drive.


The undisputed luxury car brand winner is Porsche. Its entire lineup is loved worldwide. Its vehicles are iconic, excellent to drive, comfortable, reliable, and luxurious.

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