Electric Vehicles: The Pros and Cons


The EV segment is getting more and more interesting every day. No longer are only startups developing interesting electric vehicles, but even traditional auto manufacturers now have at least one EV in their lineup, with more on the way in every segment. But what are EVs actually like? If you’ve never driven one before, here’s a quick list of their pros and cons.


Maintenance: EVs have limited moving parts. And they don’t need most of the oils and fluids conventional cars need. This makes them cheaper to maintain and run. And you’re likely to replace the vehicle well before the time comes to replace its expensive battery.

Performance: EVs are quiet and fast. All the torque is available instantly, making them a hoot to drive. Most have sportscar rivaling 0 to 60mph times too. Cruising is a joy as these cars are very quiet.

Eco-friendly: EVs are proper zero-emission cars. They also don’t use oil, antifreeze, and other fluids. This makes them kinder to the environment. The EV industry is also working on a way to recycle used batteries to reduce toxic waste.

Lease: Leasing is a great way to go electric. There’s no depreciation involved either. This also allows you to skip the expensive purchase.


Electricity: Finding electricity to charge your EV can be an issue. The charging infrastructure is rather limited today. Demand for EV chargers is currently far greater than the supply. Charging at home requires the installation of a 220V outlet than can add to the cost.

Range: Most EVs today offer a range of 150 to 250 miles. And if you tend to mash the accelerator, your range will be even more limited. You’ll have to spend your time planning your route and ensure that there are charging stations along the way.

Power source: Electricity generation isn’t very clean. It actually contributes to a large amount of pollution. Even in states that use the most renewable energy, only about 20% is from clean sources.

Options: Only 2% of all cars sold are EVs because the number of options available is limited. Numbers are expected to grow in the future, but for now, we only have a handful of choices.

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