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The Best Sedans to Buy in 2021


If you’re interested in a car that’s affordable, seats up to five in comfort, offers good fuel efficiency, and is fun to drive, you need to check out sedans. They deliver all of the above while being available at every point of the price spectrum. Here are the best four-door sedans you can buy now.

Kia Rio

This subcompact sedan stands apart in its segment. It looks sharp and mature. Its interiors are smart and built with materials that feel good. It’s safe and is available for a modest budget. This is a small, cheap car that will not embarrass you.

Honda Civic and Insight Hybrid

They belong together because the Insight is basically a Civic hybrid. The Civic is a compact sedan that’s available in three body types with two engines and two transmission options. There are sportier versions too. All offer great driving characteristics and are packed with safety tech.

Honda Accord

This is one of the best cars you can buy. This mid-size sedan offers excellent handling, sharp steering, and enthusiastic engines. It’s an excellent family sedan, has handsome interiors, is spacious and comfortable, with excellent fuel economy. 

Toyota Avalon

The Avalon features sharp styling, luxurious interiors, and decent driving manners. This full-size sedan offers enough room for five too. It has a powerful V6 and is available in a sporty TRD trim or an efficient hybrid avatar.

Tesla Model 3

This compact luxury sedan is the best in its segment – electric or otherwise. It’s priced competitively, offers great performance, a long range per charge, and helps you be kind to the planet. It just does everything very well while looking really neat.

Audi A6

This is a beautifully built, luxurious, mid-size sedan. It has powerful engines that propel it forward while the legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system offers effortless cornering performance. It’s quiet, modern, and packed with the latest technology too.

Audi A8

This understated, full-size luxury sedan is a technological marvel. It features a 48V mild-hybrid system that adds performance while powering the anti-roll bar that tilts the car to keep occupants safe in a collision. With powertrains that deliver up to 453hp, it’s powerful too.

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