Sedans with Space: The Best Ones for 2021


Sedans are practical, affordable, fuel-efficient, and fun to drive. Choose well, and you can get one that’s spacious enough for the entire family. We’ve made your car search a little bit easier by listing the best options for the year. 

Chevrolet Malibu

It isn’t the most upscale offering, but it’s affordable and delivers excellent fuel economy. For families that need a reliable commuter, this is a good choice. The passenger cabin is spacious, and the cargo space is decent. The ride is smooth, and both engines offer decent performance. It’s also safe and packed with the latest infotainment systems.

Ford Fusion

This is a midsize sedan for those who demand performance. The ride may be relaxed, but the handling is sharp. There are several engine options, but none of them are particularly fuel-efficient. Cargo space is larger than most rivals, and the well-designed cabin is spacious. There are a lot of standard safety features, but most infotainment tech is optional.

Subaru Legacy

This completely redesigned midsize sedan features spacious and upmarket interiors, excellent safety systems, several sought-after infotainment features, and all-wheel drive as standard. The handling is mature, and the ride is indulgent. On the flip side, the trunk is one of the smallest in its class, and it isn’t as athletic as other Subaru cars.

Volkswagen Passat

This midsize sedan offers a spacious passenger area, generous trunk space, and a comfortable ride. Its cabin may not be as nice as its competitors, and fuel economy isn’t great either. Still, it’ll keep your family safe with its long list of safety equipment and infotainment options.

Honda Accord

This sedan offers more rear-seat legroom and trunk space than all other midsize options. It also has strong engine options, sporty handling, a comfortable ride, quality interiors, a full suite of driver-assist tech, and outstanding safety ratings. 

Chevrolet Impala

Among large sedans, this is one of the most spacious, comfortable, and powerful cars to buy. It’s also very reliable. The trunk space on offer is one of the largest in its segment. The V6 engine is very capable and offers strong performance. It also has above-average reliability ratings, so your family can use this sedan safely for years.

The Best Sedans to Buy in 2021

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